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Ref. Expobar Brewtus III Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

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Product Description

The Expobar Brewtus III-V is the newest member to the already famous Brewtus dual boiler family.  Expobar and Whole Latte Love have worked together to take the Brewtus to another level. With the Brewtus III-V we have added on a PID (Proportional-Integral-Differential) temperature controller to the Brewtus II. The PID controller was designed and built by Gicar, the leading manufacturer of espresso machine controls. Combine this with the famous E-61 brew group and you consistently get the best quality espresso. The insulation on the boilers has also been upgraded to foil back foam for longer lasting durability and for its thermal properties.

The PID Temperature Control

The beauty of the PID temperature control is that the temperature in the brew boiler is maintained as stable and accurate as possible. The temperature is adjustable so you can vary the temperature to fit the coffee that you are brewing. You can either ask the roaster about what temperature he/she recommends or you can vary the temperature yourself and taste the difference.

Steam and Brew Pressure Gauge

On the front of the machine you will see both a steam pressure gauge and a brew pressure gauge. These are here so you can verify that the machine is working within design specification.

No-Burn Steam Wand

The steam wand is on the left side of the machine and is a No-Burn wand. This enables you to move it without burning yourself. There is also plenty of height to fit a pitcher under it. On the right side is a hot water wand that is used for dispensing hot water. Both wands are on ball joints so they can rotate in any direction and are controlled by the star shaped knobs that are just above them. The Brewtus-III- R and V and also feature a new steam tip, that is perfectly designed to allow you maximum control when steaming and frothing. You can easily control how much air is injected into the milk which reduces unwanted large air bubbles, therefore producing higher quality microfoam.

The Brewtus III-V is a handsome machine, with traditional styling, as is the case with the entire Expobar line. It is encased completely in stainless steel and will make a striking impression on any countertop. And it’s heavy too; in fact it’s a walloping 61 pounds. But what do you expect from a machine that’s got so much muscle packed onto it? It’s the perfect little powerhouse for any home or small office environment.

The Brewtus III-V comes with a few goodies too. Its accessories include a tamper, single shot filter basket, double shot filter basket, backflush disc and a 7 gram coffee scoop.

Features & Benefits: Coffee

PID Temperature Control

Proportional-Integral-Differential (PID) controller reduces the temperature variation, providing a more consistent water temperature. The PID sends pulses of heat so the temperature is consistent, without the normal variances that occur with typical heat controllers that work by increasing or decreasing heat, which means temperatures fluctuate while the water is heating up and cooling down. The consistent temperature control also means the PID doesn’t overheat.

E61 Commercial Brew Group

n keeping with the Brewtus III's focus on unwavering temperature stability, this machine features the E61 brew group – the industry’s best. Made of solid chrome-plated brass, this entire assembly is revered worldwide for its ability to retain heat at an absolutely consistent temperature. Starting with the group head – the round chrome-plated brass piece on the front of the machine that the portafilter locks into. Inside, it’s channeled for the water to run through it as it travels to the coffee grinds. These channels make up the thermal siphon system which keeps the water at the exact temperature it was in the boiler until the moment it is forced through the group head and down through the coffee. Locking into the group head is a heavy chrome-plated brass 58mm portafilter, which hold the stainless steel filter baskets tamped with coffee. The Brewtus III comes with two filter baskets – a single shot and a double shot. You can also order a special filter basket that holds pods if you prefer to use pods to brew your espresso.

Completing the brew group is the 3-way valve which operates off a manual lever on the front of the Brewtus II. This allows you to control the initiation of the brewing process and the depressurization process yourself.

Heavy duty commercial portafilter

The Brewtus's portafilter is commercially designed and made of chrome-plated brass, which is ideal for temperature stability throughout the critical end stages of the brewing process. It is a dual spout, 58mm portafilter that weighs in at a hefty 16 ounces, and comes with two filter baskets – a single shot and a double shot.

Commercial Design Double Boiler System Construction

They each have their own dedicated 975-watt heating units, which make it possible for them to run at their respective precise temperatures to perform their respective tasks. Again, this goes back to the Brewtus’ main purpose: unwavering temperature stability. Two boilers means there’s no switching boiler temperatures as you go back and forth between steaming and brewing. Each boiler is set to right temperature for its function. Double boilers also make it possible to brew and steam at the same time, which is perfect if you’re making a few drinks at once. And because the boilers are so large and automatically draw water from the reservoir on their own accord, you eliminate any wait time between shots because you never run out of water or need the water to get up to temperature.

Now, you would think all that power would put a drain on your electric system. But we’ve even taken that into consideration and designed the Brewtus III to work off a standard 15-amp household breaker.

Unique Lever Control w/ 3-Way Valve

There are only two controls on the Brewtus III. The main power switch is located on the upper left and a big manual lever to the right operates the brewing process and 3-way valve. This is a very unique system because this lever actually controls a valve in the brew group. Press the lever up to open the valve to start the water flow through the coffee. This also activates the pump. Press it all the way down when you are done brewing and it opens a valve that relieves the water pressure off the coffee. This serves two functions; it dries out the coffee to prevent dripping and makes it easy to knock the coffee out of the portafilter with one knock. This valve that you are operating is a very high quality piece of equipment that gives you more of a hands-on system than most standard pump machines. And because the valve has no electrical charge running through it, and therefore few parts, it is more reliable than the electric solenoid valve.

Low Water Cut Off

The Brewtus III has a low water sensor mounted under the water reservoir. It operates similar to a scale. If it notices the reservoir feels too light, it will turn off all power to the boiler because that means the water level is too low.

Brewing and Steam Pressure Controller w/Pressure Gauge

The steam boiler temperature/pressure is controlled through a pressure controller. It senses the pressure in the boiler and turns on the heating element in the boiler as the pressure drops. You can visually see the boiler pressure through a pressure gauge on the front of the machine. When the needle in the gauge is between 1 and 1.5 bar of pressure, you are ready to steam. The red indicator light will go on when you are engaging the steam boiler. When you are done steaming and the machine returns to pressure, the light will go off.

If for some reason, the pressure controller ever gets out of calibration you can tell by the pressure on the gauge. Just give us a call and we can easily walk you through resetting the pressure controller.

Electronic Controls

The "Electronic Boiler Refill Control" is the brain of the machine. It uses probes mounted inside the boiler and on the base plate below the reservoir to sense the water level. It uses this information to control the operation of the pump for refilling the boiler when necessary. It will also turn the boilers off for safety if the reservoir or boilers run out of water.

Progressive coffee infusion

The brewing system provides a smoother delivery of pressure than many machines in its class. This makes it possible to perform what is the equivalent to pre-infusion, which is a moistening of the grinds before the full force of water comes through them. This is important because it prevents the water from “channeling” through the grinds and therefore not getting the maximum flavor and aroma out of them.

Features & Benefits: Frothing and Hot Water

Specially Designed Steam Tip

The Brewtus III-R and V and also feature a new steam tip that is perfectly designed to allow you maximum control when steaming and frothing. You can easily control how much air is injected into the milk, which reduces unwanted large air bubbles, therefore producing a higher quality microfoam.

No Burn Steam Wand

This double wall, no burn steam wand is a mounting ball joint that rotates in any direction for easy access --same as those found on commercial machines.

Features & Benefits: Care and Maintenance

Water Reservoir

The 90 oz plastic reservoir is easily removed or refilled from the top of the Brewtus. It is tucked inside the left hand side of the machine. Simply lift the cup warmer to get to it.


Back flush the Brewtus at least every 7-9 days. It is a simple process that takes only a few minutes. Put a blank filter basket into the portafilter (supplied) and add a 1/2 teaspoon of cleaner. Install the portafilter into the machine and turn the control lever up to start the pump. The pump will be noisy as it starts and will quiet down as the pressure builds. When the pump has quieted down, turn the lever all the way down. This will cause the cleaner to be blown up into the brew group, through the 3-way valve, and down into the drip pan. Do this until the cleaner that is being directed into the drip pan is free of coffee colors. Finish the process by rinsing out the brew group.

Housing construction

The Expobar Brewtus is shiny and sleek. Its traditional design is housed in heavy-gauge solid stainless steel. The cup warmer, drip tray and drip tray cover are also stainless steel to match. And the chrome plated brass brew group blend perfectly with the rest of the machine. All this needs to be held up by a very strong frame, and the Brewtus frame is just that. It is constructed of a heavy gauge stainless steel, which contributes to the machine’s hefty 61 pounds.

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