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Bunn iMix Drink Dispenser

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Product Description

Bunn iMix Drink Dispenser

Suitable Environment

With this Bunn machine, rich hot chocolate and delicious cappuccinos are just a push of a button away for your customers. The Bunn iMix is a self-serve dispenser for powder-based beverages and can produce up to 4.5 gallons of product per hour. The 3 large, fully programmable hoppers allow you to offer 3 different drink varieties, resulting in more choices for your customers and high profits for your business. The LCD and touch pad on the front of the iMix let you control mixing speeds, rinse cycles, hopper output, and you can even set advertisements to flash throughout the day. Plus, the Bunn iMix is low maintenance, making it a great addition to cafeterias, gas stations, convenience stores, and large office break rooms.


The Bunn iMix is very simple to operate, making it great for both self-service use and behind the counter use. Simply place a cup under one of the dispensers, press the green dispensing button, and hold until the cup is ¾ full. The mixing chamber will continue to empty after the button is let go, filling the remaining space in the cup. Programming the iMix is a bit more complex, requiring an advanced knowledge of the machine’s functions and proper powder and water ratios for the best taste. However, a guide to programming all of the machine’s functions can be found in the user manual, included with the iMix.



  • An LCD display on the front of the iMix lets you control almost every function of the machine, from water temperature to rinse cycles to calibrating the hoppers.
  • With a production rate of up to 4.5 gallons per hour, the Bunn iMix is perfect for high volume operations.
  • Flavor controls let you program the water and powder dispensing rates for each iMix hopper, so no matter what mix you use, you can adjust for the best taste.
  • The Bunn iMix dispenser is fully plumbable, so you never need to manually refill the water tank.
  • The Bunn iMix has a hopper lock feature that alerts you when mix is running low and will stop the flow of water until it is refilled, helping you avoid unhappy customers and a sub-par product.
  • This Bunn machine also has a water lock feature that will stop the machine from dispensing unless water is at the proper temperature for a quality product.
  • High speed augers in the iMix’s mixing chambers ensure a smooth product and consistent dispensing.
  • The iMix’s black housing and attractive front panel display will give your beverage center a chic, modern look.
  • Each of the iMix’s extra large hoppers can hold up to 8 lbs of powdered drink mix, so less time is spent refilling.
  • A rinse cycle on the machine quickly cleans out each mixing chamber with a flip of the rinsing switch and the push of a button.
  • You can set the audible alarms to sound if you need to run a rinse cycle, ensuring that you’ll always know when the machine needs service.
  • The machine’s touch pad controls can be password protected, so customers won’t have access during self-service use.
  • Dimensions
    • 33”H x 12.6”W x 24.1”D

Feature Details

Low Maintenance, High Quality

Rather than spending thousands of dollars on a high maintenance espresso machine, you can offer customers quality cappuccinos and hot chocolate at a low cost to your business. Customers will appreciate the convenience of quick dispensing and you’ll appreciate the low level of maintenance required to keep the machine running in top form.

LCD Display

The Bunn iMix’s LCD display makes programming your machine a simple process. You can navigate through the programming menus using a black, 5-button touch pad located on the front of the machine. The display will walk you through programming, alert you to when your hoppers are low, when to run a rinse cycle, and can even display Bunn’s customer service number if you need it. Its controls can also be password protected, so customers won’t have access during self-service use.

Fully Programmable

The Bunn iMix offers you more control than almost any powdered drink dispenser on the market today. You can set water temperatures, mixing speeds, flavor based on water to powder ratios, and alarms for rinse cycles and hopper levels. Having ultimate control over your beverages will ensure a consistent, quality product your customers will love.

Flavor Control

Using the LCD display and 5-button touch pad, you can program each individual hopper on the Bunn iMix. You have your choice of programming by taste or by recipe. When programming by taste, just choose a numeric strength level that will increase or decrease the amount of powder used, then dispense a small amount to try. Once you reach your desired taste, you can set the hopper to always dispense the same amount. Plus, if you already know the exact amount of powder you want dispensed per fluid ounce of water, you can customize it down to the gram using the recipe setting.

Extra-Large Hoppers

Each of the 3 hoppers in the Bunn iMix Dispenser can hold up to 8 lbs of the powdered drink mix of your choice. This means you can offer customers 3 separate drink options every day, and even offer holiday or seasonal drinks. This variety of options for customers will create more business and larger profits for your food service operation.

Low Powder Lock

You can program the iMix to stop dispensing from a certain hopper when powder levels are too low. The hopper will start dispensing again once it is refilled, but by using this lock function, you can ensure customers will always receive a properly mixed drink and not a just a cup of hot water.


Daily Maintenance

  • The mixing chambers should be rinsed out at least once every 8 hours using the rinse switch behind the front panel. When this short procedure is not completed after 12 hours, the hoppers with not dispense until it a rinse cycle is performed.
  • The drip tray should be removed at the end of each business day, washed using a mild detergent, dried, and replaced.

Periodic Maintenance

  • On a weekly basis, remove the mixing chambers, hoppers, augers, and all related components and wash each of them by hand with a mild detergent. They should be sanitized with a food-grade sanitizer and dried before being returned to the machine.
  • When using powders with a dairy base, the cleaning process above should be completed daily.
  • The front display can also be removed if and when you need to replace the internal light bulbs.



This Bunn machine will require a professional installation, which we can arrange for you at the time of purchase. Prior to installation, you will need to submit the electrical and plumbing requirements (both found in the product manual) to a general contractor, electrician, or plumber as well as your code enforcement officer to ensure the compliance of your facility with the needs of this machine.

Electrical Specifications

  • 2-wire plus ground configuration
  • Available Voltage: 120 volt, single phase
  • 15 amps
  • Please note: Plug is NOT included with the machine

Plumbing Requirements

  • 1/4” flare or quick connect water inlet fitting
  • 1/2” Cold Water Supply Line between 20 and 90 psi
  • Bunn recommends 3/8” copper tubing for all installations from the 1/2” water supply line.

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